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Fingerprints || Part 1 || Introduction


This Blog is all about forensic and investigative sciences useful for the students and individuals in the field of forensic sciences, cyber security, and other related areas. The blog is maintained by Dr. Bhoopesh Kumar Sharma (B K Sharma), has an experience of over 15 years in teaching and research in Forensic Science and related areas. He has worked as Associate Professor and Programme Leader, Forensic Science at Amity University Dubai (UAE) for 9 years, and at Amity University Uttar Pradesh (Noida, India) for 6 years approximately. 

He has many research papers published in various peer-reviewed journals of repute and has filed three Patents in the area of Crime Scene Investigation. Dr. Bhoopesh has supervised more than 400 students for dissertations and projects during his 15 years of teaching tenure.

Dr. Bhoopesh, have solved a large number of civil and criminal cases and given Forensic opinion in Indian and abroad court cases in various areas like Handwriting examination, signature verification, signature forgery, Bank Frauds Investigation, thefts, murder mysteries, etc. and have presented many Research Papers in National and International Conferences / Seminars/ Workshop in various areas of Forensic Sciences. He has an excellent command in developing the industry-academia relationship. He has been involved with the investigation team and in TV talks in very famous case like Arushi Murder Case, Saumya Murder Case, Flight Explosion case etc.

His significant teaching and research areas are Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Photography, Forensic Ballistics, Physical Evidence Collection, Blood Spatter Analysis, Forensic Fingerprinting, Question Document Examination, and Instrumentation in Forensic Science.

He is member of many reputed organizations around the world and also an editorial member of many peer-reviewed journals. He has published several chapters and books in different areas of forensic sciences.



  1. Please find Sushant bedroom video in this link.

  2. I need your gmail I'd to convey a very important matter, pls do the needful ASAP

    1. he has replied today that marks on sushant neck cant be formed from hanging.he challanged to prove him wrong but it the channel film window on youtue..11 aug she aforensic expert but she mention the name in the video

  3. Hi Sir I tried to find your email adddress but it was in vain. Sir can you please check this video??? It's regarding Sushant's murder. Looking forward to hear from you, thank you Sir.

    Sir do watch this also

  5. Dr Sharma, greetings from New York City. I love your videos on SSR.
    My question:

    How did the two ends of the noose on Sushant's neck cut with knife (or scissor) remain so even after they loosened the knot to take the noose out through his head? After loosening the knot one end should have been longer than the other. Did they even out the two ends after removing the noose from the neck? That makes no sense! He was never hung with that cloth at all!

    Will love your comment. Anna Mukhopadhyay

  6. Highway safety research Thank you because you have been willing to share information with us. we will always appreciate all you have done here because I know you are very concerned with our.


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