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Fingerprints || Part 1 || Introduction

Forensic Psychiatry & Forensic Psychology as Your Career Option

By, Dr. Bhoopesh Kumar Sharma Forensic Expert & Associate Professor Forensic psychiatry is a specialist medical branch that deals with the evaluation and treatment of mentally disordered prisoners in jails, secure hospitals, and the community. It requires sophisticated understanding of the interface between mental health and the law.  In other words, Forensic Psychiatry is a medical sub-specialty in which research and clinical experience is applied to legal issues in the form of civil, criminal, correctional or legislative matters: forensic psychiatry should be practiced in compliance with the standards and ethical principles enunciated by the psychiatric profession. Forensic Psychiatry Vs. Forensic Psychology Both forensic psychiatry and forensic psychology deal with the human mind. A forensic psychiatrist, however, is a medical doctor who can evaluate and testify about the physical aspects of mental disorders, including their biological basis, psych

Crime Scene Processing

By, Dr. Bhoopesh Kumar Sharma Forensic Expert & Associate Professor Crime Scene Processing is a complex process involve several steps like securing a crime scene, recording the crime scene, searching for the evidences, collection of the evidences, and cleaning up the crime scene. It takes great attention to detail and nuance to process a crime scene. Appropriate steps must be taken in chronological order to preserve proof. There are several people involved in the crime scene processing: Team Leader  Photographer and Photographic Log Recorder  Sketch Preparer & Notes Taker Evidence Recorder/Evidence Recovery Personnel Specialists Team Leader (Investigating Officer) Taking power-ensuring personnel health and on-site security. Ensure that personnel use adequate protective equipment and follow standard guidelines to protect them from any health hazards that may result from blood or other human body fluid. Conduct initial walk-through for purposes o

What is better - Bachelor's in Forensic Science or Master's?

By, Dr. Bhoopesh Kumar Sharma Forensic Expert & Associate Professor Many times, students are confused about whether to go for Bachelor's in Forensic Science and then Masters in Specialized field, or it is better to do Bachelor's in life science or any other branch and then Masters in Forensic Science. Here, in this post, I will try to answer these questions, which will help you to understand the basics, and you will probably be able to decide your career accordingly. Firstly, you need to know what is your background. Means before bachelors do you have a science background or not. Let me make it very clear at this point, if you do not have a science background, then it is impossible for you to grow yourself in the career of Forensic Sciences. As forensic science consists of the application of scientific principles to solve the legal issues.  When I say science background, make it a point that I am asking about the Physics/Chemistry/Biology or Physic