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Top 10 use of Forensic Science in Corporate World

As the world is expanding enormously, so as the requirements of the population. With these increased requirements, few industries are growing at high demand in public and private sectors such as banks, insurance companies, accounting sectors, and other corporate offices.

In one sense, this is an excellent opportunity for forensic science graduates to shape their fantastic careers in these sectors. There are various opportunities available in the corporate world for forensic scientists, however, the requirement is to choose the correct specialization or opt for specific courses after their bachelors or masters in forensic science. As in many of the institutions, the current curriculum is insufficient to enter in the field of corporate, without a proper specialization.

Forensic in Corporate World

Following are some niche, where a forensic science graduate can make their career in the corporate sector.

1. Forensic Accountant/Forensic Auditor: I have already explained this field in detail in my previous blog post. This is highly emerging field and is very much in demand. Due to the increase in number of frauds in the companies, forensic accountants are needed to identify the elements of frauds, type of fraud, quantification of the fraudulent act, people involved, and to represent the evidences in the court room. There are several institutions offering the specialized programs in forensic accounting, however, one should be very clear that he or she must have the fundamental knowledge of the accounting.

On the other hand, for forensic auditing you can directly opt for the course from any desired and recognized institution or from affiliated online college. Definitely, as some point of time you need to prove your credentials in the court of law, while dealing with a legal case.

Find more on:

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, India & Abroad

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
West Virginia University
2. As a Freelance Questioned Document Examiner: I have been doing the same for the past 15 years. Solving the cases of forged signatures, handwritings, fraudulent documents, fake checks, cloned credit cards, disguised signatures and writings, anonymous letters, ransom letters, defame words, etc. This all you can do easily with your degree in forensic science and specialization is questioned document examination. It requires a minimum investment in terms of lab established. You will be appearing in the courts as freelancer, handwriting or fingerprint experts. You must check the licensing authority in your country. However, in India, UK, and some other countries your expertise is covered under Evidence Act.

Research writing

3. For Insurance Companies & Banks: You must have heard about the fake insurance claims. This may be through a fake death certificate, fake arson case, fake medical records, fake vehicle accident reports, etc. All of these requires the expertise of a forensic scientist to prove or disprove the fact in the legal matters.

4. Use of Proactive Forensics: You can be a guide to the companies who works in the manufacturing of the security and surveillance devices. This includes manufacturers of CCTV Cameras, Spy Cameras, Body Armors, Firearms, Body Scanners, Biometric instruments, License Plate Recognition systems, etc.

5. Crime Scene Investigator in Corporate: It is not only the fraud that affects the corporate world, but also the theft, bullying, cyber-bullying, etc. With a specialized degree in forensic science you can work as a freelancer for this purpose, as well as a permanent employee. I have been called by many MNC's to discover theft (cash and others) in their companies, so they can take appropriate action.

6. Work as Detectives: Get a certification done from several associations like Association of Private Detectives in India and start working as a detective. Though it is quite risky many times but a good team work can overcome these issues easily.

7. Cyber-Forensics Expert: It requires a specific qualification and certification to be a cyber forensic expert or an ethical hacker. There are number of courses available online and offline. Look for the good one and enter into this high demanding field. Almost all big or small companies faces various cyber frauds, hence they require a cyber forensic expert to gather he evidence, analyze it, and present it in the courtroom. The earning are really good if you have learnt the incident response etc. 

8. Forensic Expert for Media: In countries like India, and few others where the crime rate is high and the media is also very active. They requires TV talks by the forensic experts in various cases. This can be a booming career in media industry. You can also, work as a forensic journalist, reporting the crime, awareness about crime, general forensic awareness, etc.

9. Assistant to the Lawyers: As a forensic experts, lawyers are our best friends. Get yourself marketed to the lawyers to get the cases. They might also require your assistance in framing cross examination questions, where you can easily get paid for per question basis. However, to do this you must have a thorough knowledge of the subject. Things can't be compromised here.

10. Freelance/Trainer for the Corporates: I have been invited by number of colleges, corporates to give them an idea of forensic science, what to do at the first instance of any case, how to do graphological analysis, how to prevent frauds, how to detect frauds, and others. And believe me for each workshop you conduct, you will be paid a handsome amount.

Hope this post can help you further deciding your career in forensic science.

Dr. Bhoopesh Kumar Sharma


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